Bucks Buzzing Day 2 Pollinating Insects (Rhiannon Flemming)

30 Days Wild – Day 2: Garden bees

Today I spent some time insect watching in my little urban garden.

I love watching bees in particular as they move from flower to flower. I see a lot of moths too, although they tend to fly up quickly and disappear again. Like bees, moths have an important role in pollination that we’re only just beginning to understand.

After a solid thirty minutes watching all the beautiful insects doing their import pollinating work, I pulled out my sketchbook and did my best to capture the likeness of a few of them.

These are probably buff or white tailed bumblebees, marmalade hoverfly, scarlet tiger moth, and a tiny little one that’s likely a mining bee. It’s not the most diverse selection, but not too bad for ten minutes in a town garden!