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NEP Partnership Forum 20th November – Tackling the Climate and Nature Crises

Biodiversity Matters

The NEP is working on a major initiative to design and implement a biodiversity accounting scheme to strive towards ensuring net gains in biodiversity are achieved as a result of the unprecedented scale of development expected in our area in the coming years. We are working with Warwickshire County Council, which already operates a successful biodiversity accounting scheme, to design a scheme for Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes, alongside a metric for accounting for changes in biodiversity as a result of development, based on the national Defra metric and expected updates.  

For more information, please see the Biodiversity Accounting project page. Updates will be provided as they become available and we will keep you informed on major developments via our newsletter.

Doubling Nature in the Oxford to Cambridge Growth Arc

The Oxford to Cambridge Growth Arc mapping project, completed in collaboration with neighbouring Local Nature Partnerships and other partner organisations, is now available to download from our website via this link. The map and accompanying document has been distributed to MPs across the Arc, as well as to the Arc Environment Board.

Our Voice in Planning

The NEP actively engages on local planning issues as well as regional, national and infrastructure planning issues that affect Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes. In addition to bespoke responses to all of our Local Authority partners as they advance through the Local Plan process, we have formally responded to Network Rail’s East-West Rail Consultation, the consultation on the new National Planning Policy Framework, Heathrow Airport Expansion Consultation, DCLG consultation proposals, and the Draft New London Plan, among others. The NEP will continue to respond to relevant consultations and work with our Local Authority Partners to encourage alignment to the NEP’s strategic aims for the environment of Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes. 

For more information, visit our Planning project page.

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