Our Structure

NEP Board

The Board is made up of appointed members from the founding partners and new partners invited by the Board with the capacity to provide strategic leadership.


Delivery Group

The work of the Board is supported by a delivery group made up of senior officers from the member organisations and other stakeholders. The Delivery Group supports the Board in carrying out its duties and providing the skills and resources required to deliver the Strategic Work Plan.


Task Groups

The Delivery Group will identify specific Task Groups, as required to deliver key elements of the Strategic Work Plan. Each group will be self-serviced and self-appointed. However, it is recommended that a member of the Delivery Group will sit on each Task Group to provide strategic direction and support.

There are currently four Task Groups in operation:

  • Biodiversity
  • Energy & Resources
  • Green Infrastructure & Health
  • Planning & Environment


Partnership Manager The Partnership Manager provides the link between Board, Delivery Group, and Task Groups, to enhance the delivery of the NEP objectives.