Doubling Nature: Strategic-Scale Environmental Opportunities Mapping in the Growth Arc

The Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes Natural Environment Partnership has been working with the other Local Nature Partnerships across the Growth Arc, and with contacts in Oxfordshire, to produce a map showing the strategic-scale environmental opportunities across the Growth Arc area.

Download the LNPs Strategic Scale Environmental Opportunities Map


These areas represent the large-scale zones that experts from across the Arc consider to have the greatest potential for environmental protection, enhancement and to improve connectivity. The accompanying guidance document to the map describes the overall ambition to double nature across the Arc and how each of the zones could contribute to that vision.

Download Doubling Nature: LNPs Strategic-scale Environmental Opportunities Mapping in the Growth Arc


This mapping work is being used for engagement and influencing, in particular to highlight the important value of the environment alongside any planning for growth. The map also depicts the major strategic areas of environmental opportunity that are being developed by partners across the Growth Arc into specific project proposals to attract funding for environmental improvement.