30 Days Wild – Day 1: Lavender preparing to bloom

One side of my garden is packed with big bunches of lavender. It’s one of my favourite flowers, for its colour, scent and its pollinator-appeal. Bees in particular flock to its long-lasting blooms. 

My house is filled with dried lavender from my garden: lavender sachets, wreathes, bouquets… June is too early to start collecting, but it’s an activity I’ll look forward to towards the end of summer. It’s important to be mindful that it can be an important late source of nectar for pollinating insects, so don’t collect it all. Whenever you collect plants or natural materials, only take from your own garden or property – or where you have the landowner’s permission – and always leave plenty behind for wildlife to enjoy. This will also ensure it can live, survive and thrive again next year!