Forward to 2030: Biodiversity Action Plan

This document sets out the main issues impacting on wildlife in the county and some of the measures needed to protect and restore our most biodiverse habitats.
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Bucks Buzzing Chiltern Rangers Forest School Seed Planting

Buzzing Forest Schools

Bucks Buzzing teamed up with Chiltern Rangers to get Forest School buzzing!
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Formal Response to the Buckinghamshire pilot Local Nature Recovery Strategy

The NEP has  responded to the pilot Bucks LNRS survey, hosted on our website, so we can highlight the NEP’s most relevant work that relates to the information being sought in that process. The full, formal NEP response to the LNRS survey questions has also been referred to in our online survey responses, and is...
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Natural Capital – Mapping and Report

The NEP has supported Buckinghamshire Council in its commissioning of natural capital mapping for Buckinghamshire, showing the natural capital assets, ecosystem services and opportunity maps for woodland, wetland and grassland habitats.
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