Buzzing Forest Schools

Bucks Buzzing Chiltern Rangers Forest School Seed Planting

In October 2020, I was excited to have the opportunity to join Ranger Paul Stack and students at King’s Wood Primary School, High Wycombe for a wildflower-focused Forest Ranger School session.

Chiltern Rangers have been able to continue running many Forest Ranger School days despite the pandemic, helping more than 680 students at these sessions in 2020, and it was great to get Bucks Buzzing involved with a donation of seeds.

We were joined by 90 students and staff over the course of the day. King’s Wood has a small and beautiful nature reserve on their school grounds, with trees, a meadow area and even a pond.

Under Ranger Paul’s direction, I helped the students rake and prepare the meadow area before planting a selection of wildflower seeds. As we raked, we also uncovered slugs, snails, spiders and all manner of invertebrates: a lot of fun for everyone!

Bucks Buzzing has partnered with Chiltern Rangers before and it’s always a fun experience, so I hope we will again.

You can learn more about Chiltern Rangers on their website:


Photo courtesy of Chiltern Rangers.