Road Verge Bee Orchids Milton Keynes (Bucks Buzzing)

Best Practice – Incorporating Biodiversity & Green Infrastructure into Development

In 2016 and 2017, the NEP collated its current thinking on good development and how to incorporate biodiversity and green infrastructure at every scale: from garden and house design, through to streets, whole developments, and beyond. This advice is available to view as a pdf presentation:   This document will be used to help influence...
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Green Infrastructure Mapping Canal Aylesbury Buckinghamshire

Green Infrastructure Opportunities Mapping

In collaboration with our partners, the NEP Board has approved a map of Green Infrastructure Opportunities in Buckinghamshire & Milton Keynes. The accompanying document explains what was done, why and how, and provides details of the opportunities within each identified zone, and so it must be read in conjunction with the map to interpret it....
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Vision and Principles for the Improvement of Green Infrastructure

Vision and Principles for the Improvement of Green Infrastructure in Buckinghamshire & Milton Keynes The NEP, in conjunction with its experts and Partners across the sectors, has approved a new Vision and Principles for Green Infrastructure in Buckinghamshire & Milton Keynes, along with a set of 9 Principles which should be followed to achieve the...
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State of the Environment Report

Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes: State of the Environment Report The NEP completed in July 2016 the first State of the Environment Report for Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes. The report identifies key indicators and creates a baseline record of Buckinghamshire’s environment and will be used to direct future monitoring and resource priorities. Outputs A report to provide...
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Biodiversity Accounting

The NEP is continuing to work on its Biodiversity Accounting scheme to cover Buckinghamshire & Milton Keynes, which will enable net biodiversity gain as a result of development. Detailed information will be provided in due course. Partners NEP Board and Delivery Group members, South East LNP peer-group.
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Green Space Means Health

The NEP commissioned work that was completed in 2015 to maximise community use of target green spaces in areas of high multiple deprivations in the Buckinghamshire towns of Aylesbury, Chesham and High Wycombe for public health and well-being outcomes. Our consultants worked with the communities surrounding the target green spaces in each of these areas...
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Aston Clinton Ragpits (Photo: Kate Titford)

Local Wildlife & Biological Notification Sites

Local Sites (Local Wildlife & Biological Notification Sites) in Bucks and Milton Keynes The lack of contemporary data and condition assessments for Biological Notification Sites in Buckinghamshire causes problems for the planning process; it is difficult for Local Authorities to appraise a Development’s impacts and comply with the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) without further...
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