A simple bee bath

30 Days Wild – Day 28: Make a bee bath

A good wildlife garden provides three things: food, shelter and water. 

My garden is very small, so there is no room to dig a pond. But even when I only had a window ledge garden, there is always room for a bee bath!

A bee bath is the simplest way to add a water source to your garden and a nice touch to make your garden a little bit more wildlife-friendly. All you need is a shallow dish and a few small stones to put inside it, then add some water (preferably rainwater) and there you have it! Place it in a protected and shady spot in the garden if you can, and remember to check on it and top it up regularly. 

If you have a bird bath, chances are bees will be attracted to it already, but bees and other insects can easily drown in deep water. Having small stones means insects can easily climb out if they fall into the water, so make sure when you fill it up you only partially submerge the stones. You could also use marbles to add a splash of colour! 

And it goes both ways: I often spot birds dipping into the bee bath on hot sunny days.