30 Days Wild – Day 3: Garden roses

Whoever lived in my house before me loved roses. There are seven (seven!) rose bushes in my garden, all different shades and types and colours, and I muddle my way through caring for them.

My favourites are the white ones I’ve illustrated here, because they attract the most pollinating insects! (I’ve included a couple of pictures featuring said pollinating insects, of course.) They are full of bees and hoverflies from morning through to evening. I also love the delicate heart shape of the petals, which absolutely cover the ground below the branches.

Any tips for caring for roses? Pass them my way! They look healthy, maybe even too healthy – we gave them a light trim in the winter but didn’t anticipate this much new growth! 

One of the bushes forms a delightful arch between the fence and the house that you must pass under to enter the garden. I feel like I’m walking into a fairy story as I pass underneath it, but my partner – who is at least a foot taller than me – does not feel the magic in quite the same way…