30 Days Wild – Day 5: Butterfly bunting

Well all the rain means that today is an indoor day, so my activity has been to make butterfly bunting!

Anyone who has been to my home or has seen my Bucks Buzzing stand at an event will know that I’m a little obsessed with bunting: I have three sets of bee bunting (all different!), flower bunting, stripy bunting, hand-sewn bunting – give me all the bunting!

I’ve been unwinding by colouring in some Bucks Buzzing butterfly colouring pages recently, so I decided to turn my finished creations into colourful bunting! I cut out the butterflies, carefully made holes with an awl, and strung them together on some fine ribbon. Only thing to do now is decide where to hang it.

If you want to recreate this bunting, you can download the butterfly colouring sheets from the Bucks Buzzing Resources area, or come up with designs for your favourite butterflies! These are all UK butterflies (and there’s a moths sheet too) that you can find around Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes, but what are your favourites? I’d love to see what other people come up with!