Whaddon Chase

The area covers Whaddon Chase – a royal hunting forest.

Area Coverage: 3062 ha
Local wildlife sites: 12
BAP Habitat: 
Lowland Mixed Deciduous Woodland: 49 ha
Wet Woodland: 157.5 ha
Lowland Wood/ Pasture and Parkland: 35 ha
Lowland Meadow: 43 ha
Fens 28.5: ha

Joint Character Area: Bedfordshire & Cambridgeshire Claylands

Landscape Types: Wooded agricultural land.

Geology: Mudstone with overlying till, head and sand and gravel deposits.

Topography: The North western end of a ridge running NW – SE. With gentle slopes running into the Great Ouse Valley to the north.

Woodland – There are many native woodland sites located across the area. There is a concentration of BAP quality woods south of Nash and Whaddon.
Fens – There is a large fen north of College Wood.
Lowland Meadows – There are several small areas of lowland meadow spread across the area.
Hedgerows – There are concentrations of pre 18th century enclosures around Little Horwood and Nash and these may contain species rich hedgerows.
Wood/ pasture & Parkland – There is a large parkland site at Whaddon.
Ponds – There are a few potential BAP priority ponds in the area.

Fens – Management , Restoration, Creation
Hedgerows – Management , Restoration, Creation
Lowland Meadows – Management , Restoration, Creation
Woodlands – Management , Restoration, Creation
Wood-pasture & Parkland – Management , Restoration
Ponds – Management, Restoration, Creation

Fields with existing ridge and furrow are found around Nash and Saldon. Whaddon Chase was an ancient hunting forest. SMRs are Snelshall Benedictine Priory and Whaddon Bowl Barrow.


Places to visit:
There is a good footpath network. The Woodland Trust own College Wood.