Radnage Valley

The Radnage Valley is a valley with calcareous grassland surviving on its steep slopes. It also contains areas of BAP woodland, though the valley bottom is arable. The area also includes the ridge to the east containing Bradenham Woods and Naphill Common. This BOA connects to Chiltern Escarpment, Central Chilterns Chalk Rivers and the Chilterns Escarpment North Conservation Target Area in Oxfordshire.

Area Coverage: 2626 ha
Local wildlife sites: 25
BAP Habitat: 
Chalk River
Lowland Mixed Deciduous Woodland: 58 ha
Lowland Calcareous Grassland: 66 ha
Lowland Beech & Yew Woodland: 144.5 ha
Wood Pasture and Parkland: 54 ha

Places to visit:
Much of the calcareous grassland is access land. National Trust own Bradenham Hill and manage West Wycombe Park. BBOWT manages Buttlers Hangings SSSI. Naphill Common is open access.


Joint Character Area: Chilterns

Landscape Types: Wooded agricultural land

Geology: Chalk with overlying deposits of alluvium sand and gravel and head in the valley bottom, and clay with flints on the highest points of the ridges.

Topography: A system of steep sided valleys with gently sloping valley bottoms. Four separate valleys merge into one around West Wycombe.

Calcareous Grassland – There are calcareous grassland sites on the northern slopes of the valley including Buttlers Hangings SSSI and the following LWSs; Beechgrove Grassland, Janes Field/Daws Hill, Yoesden Bank and Wood, Chawley Manor Farm Fields, Bank opposite Plomers Bottom & Horseshoe Field.
Woodland – The area contains part of the Chilterns Beechwoods SAC at Bradenham Woods and Naphill Common. There are also several LWS woods on West Wycombe Hill, Bradenham Hill and at the top of the ridge south east of The City.
Arable Field Margins – The bottom of the valley is predominantly arable. The Chilterns is a Plantlife priority area for rare arable plants.
Wood Pasture and Parkland – Naphill Common is relict wood pasture. The West Wycombe Estate contains an area of parkland.
Traditional Orchards – There are two potential BAP orchards at Townend.
Hedgerows – the area may contain species rich hedgerows as there is a concentration of pre-18th century enclosures.

Lowland Calcareous Grassland – Management, Restoration, Creation
Woodland – Management, Restoration
Arable Field Margins – Management, Creation
Wood Pasture & Parkland – Management, Restoration
Traditional Orchards – Management, Restoration
Hedgerows – Management, Restoration, Creation
Chalk River – Management, Restoration

West Wycombe Park and Bradenham Manor. The Camp on Church Hill is
a SAM. There is a short section of Grimms Ditch at Walters Ash.