Bug Buddies Seed Collecting

Bucks Buzzing recently teamed up with the Buckinghamshire & Milton Keynes Environmental Record Centre to do some seed collecting with a local school. Students from the Olney Infant Academy joined us at Barn Field, a Local Wildlife Site in Olney, to collect wildflower seeds which the students will plant around the school as part of their ‘Bug Buddies’ programme.

We collected cowslip, field scabious, knapweed, ox-eye daisy, yellow rattle, goats’ beard, lady’s bedstraw and many other wildflowers that will brighten up the schoolyard.

There was also time for some bug hunting and we found several species of bees, butterflies, beetles and hoverflies. We learned some of the basics of identifying insect groups and the differences between bees, hoverflies, true flies and wasps.

We also had the chance to learn about moths! Local moth enthusiasts Gordon Redford and Ayla Webb arrived the night before to set up moth traps and had over 100 moth species to show the excited students on the day.

Thank you to everyone involved in organising and running this event. 

If you’re interested in running a similar event, contact Bucks Buzzing.