Yardley Chase

Two areas of plateau forming the watersheds between the Ouse and Nene. Some of the lower slopes have been included around Hanslope and including Little Linford Wood. This BOA connects with The Ouse Valley.

Area Coverage: 2700
Local wildlife sites: 5
BAP Habitat: 
Lowlands Fens: 1.5 ha
Lowland Mixed Deciduous Woodland: 117 ha
Lowland Wood-Pasture & Parkland: 93 ha
Reedbeds: 2.5 ha

Joint Character Area: Yardley – Whittlewood Ridge (some in Bedfordshire & Cambridgeshire Claylands.)

Landscape Types: Wooded agricultural land.

Geology: Limestone with overlying clay.

Topography: The edge of a much larger prominent ridgeline and plateau that continues over the County boundary in Northamptonshire running in a south-west, north-east direction. The ridgeline forms the watershed between the Rivers Ouse to the South and Nene to the north. The Hanslope Plateau sub area is a more obvious plateau landform within the Milton Keynes Council administrative area and forms the watershed between the Ouse and the Tove.

Woodland –The predominantly woodland SSSIs of Salcey Forest and Yardley Chase lie right on the border with and inside Northamptonshire with only a small area of Yardley Chase in Bucks. There are three LWSs Little Linford Wood, Threeshires Wood and Lavendon Wood north of Lavendon and an area of BAP woodland at Stokepark Wood near Hanslope.
Hedgerows – there is a network of hedgerows connecting the woods, many of which are potentially species rich.
Ponds – There are many ponds in the area.
Wood Pasture & Parkland – There are parkland sites at Hanslope Park.

Woodland – Management, Restoration
Hedgerows – Management, Restoration, Creation
Ponds – Management, Restoration, Creation
Wood Pasture & Parkland – Management, Restoration
Lowland Fens – Management, Restoration
Reedbeds – Management, Restoration

Part of a much larger Mediaeval Hunting Forest

Places to visit:
Yardley Chase is managed by Forestry Commission.