30 Days Wild – Day 8: Garden birds

Is it just me or has there been a lot more birdsong during lockdown?

I’m sure the lack of other background noise has helped: less traffic on the road, no planes passing overhead.

I don’t get a great variety in my garden, but the grape vines seem to attract a lot of small birds. I think there are some coal tits who like to visit although my bird identification skills are not the best so I can’t say for sure (I am more of an invertebrates-lover, if that isn’t obvious from the other entries). I am sure about the wood pigeon though, we have two that are regular visitors, and red kites are a common sight in the sky overhead. 

I do have a bird ID book… the RSPB Guide to British Birds by David Saunders, published 1975! I picked it up in a charity shop because I liked the illustrations (which are by Noel Cusa).