30 Days Wild – Day 21: Orchids

Whenever I’m on the motorway, I always like driving past blossoming road verges and try to speed-identify the plants we pass (don’t worry – I’m the passenger, not the driver!) 

Today I was really impressed when I saw not one, not two, but at least a dozen gorgeous orchids growing in a road verge! Sightings like these highlight what an important role road verges can play for wildflowers in the UK. Road verges can be managed in a way that benefits wildlife and still be safe for motorists too. Encourage your local council to follow the Plantlife guidance for road verge management: https://plantlife.love-wildflowers.org.uk/roadvergecampaign

It wasn’t safe to stop and snap a photo on the motorway, but I’ve included some pictures in this post of orchids from a local nature reserve to show the amazing beauty and variety of native orchids.