30 Days Wild – Day 14: Bumblebees in irises

I feel in a rut today. Normally I would go for a long walk along the canal but that’s not possible today. 

So I am looking through old photographs from wandering last year and remembering one of my favourite sights of spring: bumblebees in irises!

They look so silly with their bee-bums in the air as they root around inside the flower searching for pollen. In the morning or on rainy days, you can also find male bumblebees asleep inside irises or other flowers, or hiding under a leaf to escape from the rain. Male bees are only allowed inside the nest when it is time to mate with the queen, so the rest of the time they are out there fending for themselves and larking about in irises.

And yes, I am aware that one of the pictures I’ve included is definitely not a bumblebee. It’s a small solitary bee. I can’t identify what species of solitary bee exactly from the pictures, but you know it’s not a bumblebee because bumblebees are all generally quite round and fuzzy and, well, bumble-y looking!

What are your favourite spring sights?