30 Days Wild – Day 10: Purple toadflax

I start most days with a cup of coffee in my garden and today I noticed almost all of my flowering plants are purple. Luckily, I love purple and even more luckily, bees love purple too! It is the colour they can see best, so many pollinator-friendly plants are purple.

I didn’t plant the toadflax, it has blown in from somewhere, but it fits the theme and it’s very welcome to stay in my garden. It seems to be growing in two different shades: a lovely rich dark violet and another quite pale, barely-there lavender shade. Different types of toadflax, or is it because of its location in my garden? One is in almost complete shade, while the other receives quite a bit of sun. Both are equally beautiful, however.

Other purple plants in my garden include: lavender, scabious, violet, purple shamrock and blackcurrant sage, which has the most amazing scent and these gorgeous Tyrian purple blooms.