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Nature in Buckinghamshire needs your help.

The Local Nature Recovery Strategy is your opportunity to help us plan a better Buckinghamshire for wildlife and people.

Nature is under threat everywhere, and it is easy to imagine that we are powerless to prevent wildlife decline, but this strategy is one way of making a real difference. Whether you are in a local group, at school, a farmer, a landowner, a local business, a conservationist or a policy-maker – we want to know what you think.

The strategy will be influenced by a wide range of people and organisations, from farmers and landowners, to the public, and conservationists. We need to hear from you all. What do you like about nature in Buckinghamshire? Why is nature in Buckinghamshire important to you? What parts of nature would you like to see recovered or improved over the next 25 years?

Photo: Aubrey Jenkins, courtesy of BBOWT.

Whether it’s wildflowers for pollinators, more trees to fight climate change, more green spaces in our towns, or a habitat or species you’re passionate about – we want your input to create a shared vision for nature’s recovery over the next 25 years, in line with the Government’s 25-year Environment Plan.

You can get more information by:

  1. reading the information below
  1. use the links on the right to read the ‘LNRS Pilot Overview’ and a ‘Summary of Buckinghamshire’s Nature’ documents
  2.  watch a recording of our introductory webinar here

Thank you for participating in our workshops and survey which closed on 26th Feb 2021. We are now incorporating all your input into a draft pilot LNRS.

You can read a Stakeholder Engagement Summary Report here.