My Concrete Jungle

My late father used to call it a yard as nothing grew in our back garden. It used to stand year after year pretty much as a concrete slabbed area. Last year I wanted to see some life so decided to plant things. Believe me I have no idea what I’m doing. My hope is...
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William Harding School Gardening Club

The young members of William Harding School Gardening Club wanted to improve wildflower habitats around their schoolyard, so they used the wildflower seeds they received from Bucks Buzzing to make ‘seed balls.’ Seeds balls are fun to make and even more fun is scattering them around! When seed is sown on top of the soil,...
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Ashridge Bug Hotel

Bugging out in Ashridge

Among the beautiful woodlands and meadows of Ashridge Estate, they have also built a large and luxurious bug hotel that provides accommodation for all sorts of creepy crawly critters! If you want to make your own at home, Wildlife Watch has you covered:
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Road Verge Bee Orchids Milton Keynes (Bucks Buzzing)

Milton Keynes Road Verges

In Milton Keynes changing the numbers and timings of grass cuts such as on this road verge outside a Council depot is allowing more flowers to grow, even unusual plants such as these two Bee Orchids can appear alongside more common flowers!
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Kettlewell Farm Cultivated Margins (Bucks Buzzing)

Wildflower Margins

We have a small 400 acre mixed farm on Cotswold brash which has been in CSSS and HLS for 16 years. We have extensive margins and are recreating flower rich grassland; wildflowers cover about 70 acres on the farm, offering plenty of choice for pollinating insects.  The most recent is an 15 acre arable field...
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Letting the Garden Grow

I have a small garden and this is what I have always done/am doing: never use any pesticides or chemicals leave wild plants to flower leave wood, cuttings and plant matter in a corner of the garden (for insects and hedgehogs) provide food and water for birds overall interfere very little and leave plants to...
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Pitstone Bee Orchids Castlemead (Bucks Buzzing)

Castlemead Bee Orchids

Rare and beautiful plants can show up in even the most unexpected places!
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Berry allotment - submitted by Lisa (Bucks Buzzing)

Berry Allotment

We have a family allotment where we grow healthy fruit and vegetables. We always sow loads of flowers for the pollinators so our vegetables are the best! Submitted by: Lisa
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Garden Makeover Gerrit Max (Bucks Buzzing)

Garden Makeover

I currently have a summer house and a 5000 liter pond with plenty of goldfish but I have been making plans to re-do the garden so I can increase the overall size of the pond and thus can have more plants and wild flowers growing. Submitted by: Gerrit Max
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