Buckinghamshire & Milton Keynes Natural Environment Partnership

Energy and Resource Management

The NEP Energy and Resource Management (ERM) Task Group aims to promote the use of natural resources, including energy resources, in a way which protects the natural environment whilst using it to support growth. An important aspect of the group’s work has been the development of the Buckinghamshire Energy Strategy. Unlike many other energy strategies, this has the aim of promoting the benefits which developing energy resources can bring, rather than focusing on building a specified capacity. The Buckinghamshire Energy Strategy can be found here. The UK’s energy policies have been undergoing significant change in 2015 making this one of the most rapidly developing and challenging areas to address.


DECC – Policy Area – regularly updated page providing an overview of changes and updates to the UK’s energy policy

Summary of new UK energy policy direction – update from DECC on the new direction for UK Energy Policy (November 2015)

Community Energy England – membership organisation of community energy groups, promoting and supporting this emerging sector