Buckinghamshire & Milton Keynes Natural Environment Partnership

Local Planning: the NEP’s Voice for the Environment

The NEP is working to represent a collective view from the Partnership on Local Planning issues, to ensure the Buckinghamshire environment is taken into account in decision-making in the most effective way.


So far, we have responded to all Local Plan consultations in our districts and for Milton Keynes with our standard local plan checklist and covering letter. The checklist sets out the NEP’s collective views on the standards required to ensure the environment is taken into account during development decision-making in ways that support, manage and protect our Buckinghamshire environment and so maximise all the social, economic and environmental benefits it provides us with.Our standard checklist response, outlining what the NEP partners collectively expect to be covered in Local Plans, is available here:

Planning – Standard Checklist Response

The NEP is also responding to consultations at the draft Local Plan stage. Our latest responses are now available:

NEP Response – Wycombe District Local Plan

NEP Response – Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan


The NEP worked with all of its partners to produce the standard checklist, which has been approved by the NEP Board.