Buckinghamshire & Milton Keynes Natural Environment Partnership

Green Infrastructure – “Vision and Principles for the Improvement of Green Infrastructure in Buckinghamshire & Milton Keynes”

The NEP, in conjunction with its experts and Partners across the sectors, has approved a new Vision for Green Infrastructure in Buckinghamshire, including Milton Keynes, along with a set of 9 Principles which should be followed to achieve the Vision by 2030. The document responds to expected unprecedented levels of housing growth, and emphasises the need for well-designed and planned, connected green infrastructure managed into the long term, to contribute to the delivery of objectives and targets for Buckinghamshire’s environment, health and economy. The NEP will use the document to help influence Green Infrastructure planning and delivery across the county, including in responding to consultations on Local Plans. The Vision and Principles act as a refresh and supplement to the 2009 GI Strategy for Buckinghamshire.


The final document, our “Vision and principles for the Improvement of Green Infrastructure in Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes” was approved in September 2016 and is available here.


The NEP’s Green Infrastructure and Health Task Group pooled expertise to develop the Vision and Principles document, which was approved by the NEP Board in September 2016.